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Thread: watery eyes?

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    Default watery eyes?

    hi all,hope everyone is good.. for the past week or so my eyes have been watering alot, to the point my eye hurts if i keep it open too long. ive been taking plaquenil for almost 2 months now..can it cause eye problems that fast?? i need to go back to the eye dr but my insurance only covers once a yr..and i need to pay for my own glasses, which isnt in the budget right now..i'm thinking i have dry eyes, but i didnt think one symptom was watery eyes.. but anways i'll have to see the doc i had my bloodwork today because of the plaq..
    dx with sle 02/2012 on 10 mg prednisone, 20 mgs simvistatin 7.5 mg meloxicam ,400mg plaquenil,12.5 mgs methotrexate

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    Hey, Lisa. First, to calm your worries, the kind of damage Plaquenil can cause impacts the retina, and generally only after a long time on a high dose of the drug. I don't think watery eyes would be from the Plaquenil. Have you ever had allergies, like hay fever? When I get that, my eyes water like crazy, and a Claritin usually clears them up.

    For a post that discusses Plaquenil and vision damage, see:

    Also, depending on your height, you may need a slightly lower dose of Plaquenil (to be kinder to your eyes if you stay on the drug for decades, like many people with SLE will). There's a post about that here:

    But since you're seeing your doctor soon for bloodwork, probably the best course of action is to ask about you eyes when you see him or her.

    Take care!

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    I've got secondary Sjogrens, which is "dry eyes", and while my eyes are usually dry and gritty, I will go through periods of time (days) where my eyes do nothing *but* water. I've even been accused of crying... lol - then the next day (or week), my eyelids feel like they're scraping across my eyeballs... go figure. The watering eyes are worse when the allergies are up.
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