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    Does anyone else get bumps all over? I'm not sure if this is a Lupus thing, from the sun, or what. But I have these little bumps all over me. I guess they are kind of like blisters, but not really. Sometimes they are filled with clear fluid, sometimes some white stuff, but not like a pimple, and sometimes they just bleed I think it just depends on what stage they are before I scratch at them. They don't itch, but I'm itchy all over so sometimes they are casualties. lol I get them all over me, there doesn't really seem to be a rhyme or reason. They start as little red dots, and don't get very big at all. And you can always see where they were when they are gone, but it's not really a scar (unless it's one that I pick at a lot, oops!), just a discolored spot.
    Any thoughts? (and yes, I will bring it up to the Dr, but just looking to see if anyone else has the same experience)

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    sorry, cant help.
    but thinking of you.

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    I may get something similar. I too itch and rash all over, but these tiny little bumps I get are always on or next to a joint. They itch like mad and then within hours that same joint begins to burn. And you're right, mine don't go away - they just stop itching.

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    I get these.


    Before I was diagnosed, I was seeing a dermatologist and she actually cut some out to biopsy. Nothing. She said it was mainly scar tissue

    I get them in strange areas. I've had some on my sides, my arm pits, my breast area, my outer thighs. One made it onto my neck but I had that one cut out. Some have shown up on my arms.

    I was told its cystic acne and they wanted to put me on acutane, which my rheumatologist said no to.

    I suggest going to the dermatologist and getting some kind of wash and seeing if that helps. I only put in on the areas that are giving me issues and it seems to work. Drys that area out though and makes it feel tight if that makes sense at all.

    They cut some out for biopsys. They also will try to inject them with steroids, (which is painful) or zap them with this machine which cortarises (sp) it. All three scar. Atleast in my case. So be prepaired. I'm still mad about the scar I now have on my chest which keloided. I was told it wouldnt scar....yea, big lie.

    ^^I WOULD let them biospy, yours may be something different from mine. But I am convinced it has to do with the Lupus. I mean lupus is known to attack everything healthy, it already effects a lot of our skin. The butterfly rash being a prime example. So I don't think its too far off to think that this is connected.

    I noticed that heat helps, warm compresses. I also use peroxide on the ones that have opened. I take omega3's and biotin. Both of which will help with other symptoms of lupus. Jointpain and hair health **Ofcourse ask your doctor to make sure they wont mess with your meds**

    Good Luck. You aren't alone.

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