Hi all,

I've been a bad flare for about 6 wks now so I went to a 2nd rheum for another opinion. My regular rheum is very good, ver nice, but at my last appt with him he basically conveyed that this is as good as I will feel unless I have organ involvement. So basically unless I start to have kidney or liver issues this is as good as I'm going to feel and I refused to accept that. I'm still having severe joint pain, stiffness, brain fog, and severe fatigue. Then there's the hair loss. It's getting severe. The round bald patches are coming back above my temples. My hair is very thin now. I'm losing chunks at a time and I am having side and flank pain. So this other rheum did a full rheumatology draw. 10 vials and a urine sample. Hoping to get the results tomorrow.

I know severe hair loss can come with the lupus, but have any of you also dealt with alopecia?