My first impression of Dr Hunk was positive (really, how could it not be?), but he didn't have my recs from my prior rheumy and my PCP had recently run an ANA, CRP and ESR and all were normal. He's probably thinking that I'm just a bored housewife looking for a spark in my day--getting examined by Dr Hunk, especially since he re-ran the tests and all were WML.

Uh, no.

I'm hopeful that all of my recs have now been received from my old rheumy which will show previously positive ANA, positive histones, elevated ESR, SS-B, +lip biopsy and +Schirrmer's test and the results from the SICCA Study at UCSF.

Oh, and I recently took golf lessons (bucket list item-was SOOOO much fun-am wondering what took me so darn long to take 'em in the first place), but boy, were the joints in my fingers and hands swollen and painful the following day? Do you think the swelling/pain was because of SLE or any newbie would've had this?

Anyway, wish me luck on Tuesday and let's hope Dr Hunk's brains aren't located in his lovely biceps. Because, I fear that if he's one of "those" rheumy's that believes that your ANA must always be positive in order to have SLE, then I'll be shopping for a new doctor--the portly, balding guy that paid attention in class v his pecs, perhaps.

I won't be second guessed.