Ok, insomnia really really super stinks. It gives me entirely way too much time to think about everything. I guess I am just on here whining this morning cause the pain is getting unbearable and the sleep doesn't seem to like me much. Is this pain ever going to get any better? Am I going to be on pain meds the rest of my life? This really stinks and i just want to cry. I have been on and off of pain meds for 2 years now. The doc puts me on them I take them for several months and then get tired of it and put myself through horrible withdrawl and the pain gets worse and then I end right back up on them a couple months later. i honestly just feel like crying right now. i watch my husband try to do everything work, come home and cook, clean, run the kids here and there and honestly i don't know how much more he can take. I feel so horrible and worthless right now. Trying to stay positive and everything is so hard. Ok well so much for feeling like crying cause now I am. Darn it, I hate crying. I used to post this stuff on my FB and would get all kinds of you are depressed and making your pain worse. It got to the point I just wanted to strangle them. LOL!
Ok well I guess I am done being a great big cry baby. But really does this ever stop ever? Am I really going to be like this the rest of my life?

Sorry for being a downer, I am trying really hard not to be and to think postivie it just gets so hard sometimes.