Ok, attmepting this for the THIRD time! So the tops of my toes are very white and flaky, and my toenails have become hard with white build up underneath as well. Even my shins are bad! You could peel me with a peeler...it looks like a peeling sunburn-all the time and I'm not burnt! These areas (other then my arms which have a different rash all on their own) are the most sun exposed (I live in capris and flip flops). My feet are "summer hardened" as well, very dry underneath, back of heals, ball of foot etc, worse I've seen in yrs. So i showed my primary doc last week, she mumbled something about "calcified something or other" and gave me an rx for. Fluocinolone(sp). After some research I found this to be quite a potent sterios cream and used widely for dle. I just wish SOMEONE would dx me already! Sorry...rambling..so have any of you used this cream? does it help?Or have some insight on my weird rash and if dle *can* take a different form? Id greatly appreciate it, as always! Thanks (finally got this finished on the 3rd attempt from my phone...uughh) hope YOU ALL ARE HAVING A GREAT DAY!