I don't mean to get too personal, but I ask because I am noticing that I have sort of a "mini-flare" in the week of my period. I am 44 and probably mildly peri-menopausal - I know my hormones are changing. IT SUCKS!!! :-P

Anyway, it seems like I have a horrible flare of symptoms the week before/of my period...is that normal? Of course I will talk to my doc about it, I just wanted to get you folks' take on it too - or maybe get some ideas what I can do about it. Taking hormones of any sort is not an option for me because I also have APS (hormone treatment greatly increases the risk of stroke with APS), and soy upsets my stomach, so I can't go "the natural route" either.

Just wondering if anybody else has been through this and had success dealing with it. It pretty much knocked me out last month...horrible achy hand and legs, wicked brain fog, sleeplessness, night sweats, the works. Feels like my meds do NOTHING for me in the week just before and first couple of days of it. After a day or two of "flow" I seem okay again until the next month. (I know this is kinda personal - sorry if the discussion makes anybody uncomfortable!).

As always, thanks for your wisdom and I hope you're feeling good today!!!!