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Thread: No blood clot:) but other things, as always!

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    Default No blood clot:) but other things, as always!

    No blood clot! Yay! But they are sending me to get an MRI to rule out MS. Also, another prescription...steroid cream fir my feet, they are calcified? (toes) I had a meeting tonight with my church (I teach Sunday school) and I had to get my classroom ready and idk what happened but the neuropathy in. Y feet went haywire! They neurontin seems to have been working, but tonite I'm in PAIN! Just figured I'd update, off to bed early as it's a SCHOOL NIGHT lo,
    *Darla*-forever awaiting answers-

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    I'm pretty sure that calcifications can happen in lupus, though not very common if I remember correctly, and they happen more commonly in sclero. I hope you get some answers as to what all is going on and hope you feel better.
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