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Thread: New here. Are these symptoms of lupus?

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    Default New here. Are these symptoms of lupus?

    Hey everybody. I found this forum so decided to join in search of some answers.

    Are these symptoms of the early stages of lupus?

    1. Chest Pain (I've read up of what happened to me and it sounds like pleurisy)- Really sharp stabbing pains, feels like it's in your heart. When you breathe the pain get worse and the pain is unbearable. I thought I was having a heart attack. You have to take short breathes just to breathe! I've had this more than 4 times I'd say. Had it 3 times in one year last year and then one this year. Woke up with the pain in the middle of the night this year.

    2. Mild joint and muscle pain- In my fingers, wrists and knees and sometimes elbows. The muscle pain is in my arms.

    3.Kidney problems- I get pains in my kidneys and sometimes its so severe that it knocks me sleepy.

    3. Bladder problems/ infections- I've had countless bladder infections/urinary tract infections and they always come back every year. I can't remember the last time I haven't had one. I had this thing about a month ago. I went for a wee but soon as I went back downstairs I needed the toilet again but when i tried to go toilet nothing came out. Every time I stood up it felt like I was going to wee myself! but soon as I went toilet- Nothing! It's so painful and uncomfortable and this lasted maybe 3-4 days.

    4. Flu- I always get flu like symptoms and achy atleast once a week and have days of just feeling like crap- feeling tired, nauseous, headaches, dizziness every time I stand up.

    5. Eating- Some days I feel like eating like a pig and then some days I feel like eating nothing at all. My weight never stays the same. I'm 9 stone 1lb now but a few months ago I dropped to 8stone 5lb and then I shot to nearly 10stone but now I'm back to 9stone 1lb! I'm 5ft 8".

    6.Heartburn- I've never had heartburn ever before and just started getting it every few days.

    EDIT: I also use to get a lot of abdominal pain ( sharp pains in the place where your ovaries are)
    Could this be the start of lupus?
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