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Thread: I just intro'd myself but I also have concerns about my toddler....

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    Default I just intro'd myself but I also have concerns about my toddler....

    Hi, I just found these boards a few days ago and posted in the intro section. As I'm learning more and more, I'm starting to think the worst. I'm hoping I don't sound like a hypercondriac (sp) but I'm starting to worry for my 2 yr old. I know lupus in toddlers us rare but possible. She was born 4wks early(on purpose) and was always healthy. Then when she hit about 20mos all this stuff started happening....she's had her adnoids removed and now has her second set of tubes (semi-perm) in her ears. That's my least concern. She started spiking really high fevers for no apparent reason and still does (ie. Last nite was a lower of 100.8) she is also very photosensitive, her face turns very red quickly in the sun and she's constantly trying to shield herself from the sun, even in my minivan with somewhat tinted windows. She's also had pneumonia twice and bronchlioitis. She's been hospitalized overnite twice due to low oxygen and the other conditions. she has a history of coughs and deep shallow breathing. And most of all, she sometimes
    screams out in pain, and I can't see anything wrong, she will thrash and not get up and walk. She also had some weakness of her left side which required physical therapy twice to get her crawling (9mos) and walking (18 mos). She is now 2yrs7mos and can't run as well as a 2 yr, she seems to tire easier, she has a hard time (but can) climb stairs, and she can not jump. I'm sure they will be referring her back to PT soon for these things, but I've always felt as if shes got a lot going on for it to be so many different things at once, but then I chalk it up to her being 4 wks early. Idk, like I said I don't want to sound like I'm pushing this on her, I do know there is a genetic component, my symptoms started in childhood, y mom and sis have fibro (for now, but my moms getting more opinions for lupus). I know none of you are docs, but I'd greatly appreciate your input. I don't want to call her doc and say " can you check her Ana levels and other bloods for an AI disease"-I feel like I'd be over reacting. Her Peds have been very stand offish lately with me anyway because I took my son off his ADHD meds for the summer and they didn't want too....anyways, sorry so long. I just felt the warmth of this board and felt I needed t ask SOMEONE. I hope you guys don't think I'm crazy, I'm just curious really...and wondering if I should bring it up to her docs.

    Thanks again for reading!
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