As some of you may remember, I've been having moderate pain in my lower right abdomen for a few months now. I went to a gynecologist and had an ultrasound, and there was a not-huge simple cyst on my right ovary. Though the doctor thought it was a bit small to be giving most people trouble, she figured that was definitely what was causing my pain, and told me to come back for a follow up ultrasound in about a month.

So, the pain has continued, and I go to my follow up ultrasound, fully expecting the cyst to still be there or even bigger. But you know what? Completely gone. Cyst-free.

But I'm still in pain. The pain is strange. It is not GI pain -- it doesn't change with eating or bowel movements. And I can pinpoint exactly where the pain is (honestly, right about where my ovary is, just a few finger widths' in from my hip bone); the pain is not diffuse, and it does not migrate. It does sometimes come and go. My ultrasound was totally normal. It hurts the most when I am sitting upright, like at a table or desk.

The doctor now believes that the original cyst was not causing me pain at all, and that this pain was caused by something else. The cyst, she thinks, just happened to be there not causing me any trouble when I got the first ultrasound, and we incorrectly assumed the cyst was causing my pain.

The gynecologist can't think of anything else to do, has no idea what it is, and just told me to call her if it gets worse. Which is just crushing for me to hear-- more pain I'm just supposed to suck up without even knowing what's causing it?

"Maybe it's your connective tissue disease," she shrugged. Maybe it is. Who knows.

Have any of you had such pin-pointable, chronic abdominal pain? If so, do you know what caused it? Grasping at straws here.