What to take and does anyone else have this. It feels as though i can feel all my muscles in my body. Sometimes it feels like they are creepy crawly and I have feel them tighten up and have to think real hard to get it to stop doing that. I also think that they are getting weaker I just don't have the strength to do the things I did a few months ago. My legs will start shaking and feel as though they are just going to give out. My hip and lower back is well just wow, well not working as it should and causes me a lot of pain. But mri's ex-rays and ct-scans show nothing other than some arthritis, slightly bulging disc, and a few other things but they say nothing that should be causing me the pain I am having. I have had epiderals, SI injections and nothing seems to be working for it. Does anyone else have these issues and problems and what do you do for it?

I am just wondering if its my lupus or something else going on that no doctor seems to be able to find.

Thank you for the help and replies, I am a newbie and I get scared of everything at this point that happens with my body. The smallest pain somewhere I am like oh no, what is going on now.