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    Default meltdown

    I don't know what the heck to make of this. I read on a nother message board that the prognosis for people with organ involvement is not as good as for people without it. I was fine one second the next, im having a sobbing spell, feeling really melancholic. Getting the stupid feeling that I'm going to dye from this horrible decease. I mean I'm smart enough to know that no one can predict your time of time. I just couldn't control my emotions. I mean I also got really angry at my husband and family because I know they mean well but they tend to 'baby' me a lot, I feel they treat me like I'm a porcelain doll and limit what I can and can't do. I know i've posted this before. I've told them about it before, but they just dont get it, I dont think they trust my judgement, granted sometimes I do overdue it, but thats my decision to make...AYE im just frustrated. Im not as sick as I use to be, Thank God, and Im not as sick as some of you here, although Im not in remission Im aiming for it and hopefully will reach it. I don't want to become depressed over things I have no control over, I want to enjoy life like its my last day without it actually being my last day. Whew, feels good to put this down, as I don't want to tell my husband of my thoughts today. Not that we don't talk, I just don't want to give him something else to worry about. Thanks for listening.
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