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    Default Rash question

    Okay ladies, I am still not diagnosed. But I have started putting certain things together. It is my undertanding that alot of lupus patients also have Raynauds....I was diagnosed with that in the 10th grade..1983. Also, I want to ask about the rash. I have one that comes up on my face...a doctor told me I had rosascia. But, the rash comes and goes. If I go outside or get upset, it comes back automatically. Is that typical of the butterfly rash? My rash will generally be on both cheeks and sometimes my chest and neck. One more thing, I think it is really sad when a person has to learn as much about an illness, etc...just to make sure they are being diagnosed and not brushed off.

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    Hmmm hate to say it but better get used to that attitude from drs. Lupus is hard to diagnose and it takes a patient dr to stick with you to get it done. It took me 7 years and MANY drs to get there.
    Have you seen a dermatologist? They might could do a biopsy on the rash when it appears and that might help. That is what finally got me diagnosed.
    As for Raynauds, I haven't been diagnosed with it but I do get VERY miserable when my hands or feet get cold. It makes my pain soo much worse. I have a heater in my office that is on my feet for most of the day. Sounds like maybe you aren't happy with your dr? Don't forget YOU are in charge of YOU and you don't have to stay with a dr you don't like or don't think is good for YOU.

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