Hi I'm new on this website and kinda just wanted some advice and coping tips from people who have lupus.

I have been experiencing a wide range of symtoms for about 6 months now that seem to mimic lupus, I experience mouth canker sores with negative herpes tests, scalp sores, photosensitivity, diffused hair loss, fatigue, muscle pain, reoccuring illnesses, anemia, extremely cold and blue toes and fingers, chills, fevers and potent smelling urine. I have seen one rheumotologist and an immunoligist, and no one has really been able to figure out whats going on. I had a positive ANA and a positive Ced rate and then they came back negative 2 months later. So doctors are mostly at a loss for what my treatment if any should be. So I am stuck in a land of limbo of just not knowing what to do or how to feel better. On top of all of this I am 21 about to be a senior in college with extremely stressful environment a sorority and friends who think I just get sick a lot. I just wanted some advice from everyone who has been properly diagnosed the best way to deal with my fatigue. I feel that I cannot even get out of bed some day and I have 4-5 good hours of energy filled functioning and then I am dead and useless. I dont know what to do anymore because I cannot continue to juggle all these balls. Between school, a social life, moving right now, a sorority and family I feel that I am just pulled in too many directions. I have also found that stress hightens my symptoms. How do you guys cope with your symtoms? How do you manage to have enough energy to get through your day? I know exercise is supposed to help but I am so tired and so obligated to do so many things I don't think I would have the time or energy to exercise… Any ideas or sugguestions? And how do you go about going to class when you are having a flare? Sometimes I am so sick that I cannot imagine getting out of bed and I end up getting penalized in school in my grades for it. And how do you manage not ever going in the sun? I get a constantly itchy painful rash from the sun within 10 minutes so I constantly miss out on things because I cant be in the sun like everyone else can.

Any advice is helpful!