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Thread: New member trying to get some information on Lupus in Perth WA

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    Default New member trying to get some information on Lupus in Perth WA

    Hello everyone

    I am hoping someone in Perth WA may see this and be of some assistance. I was diagnosed with systemic Lupus back in March of this year. I went to one GP that told me the mark on my side was auto immune in Feb and gave me some cortoisone cream, when this cracked the skin and made a sore I then went to another GP who actually did their job, ordered some blood tests and referred me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist took some skin samples and ordered further blood test which then led to my diagnosis. The dermatologist told me that what I had was really low grade, nothing to worry about mediaction wise, no need to follow up with me GP and to just have a blood test every three months. When i questioned him as I was severally fatigued, having regular migraines and my hair was also falling out he just shrugged his shoulders and said that if it became an issue then they would look at medication. A week later there was a request from my GP to see her, she wanted to know what the Dermatologist had told me as she had had no correspondance from him and she was concerned about the initail blood test, some level was through the roof, the highest she had ever seen. She told me that the dermatologist was only an expert on skin, not the inner workings and based on the blood test I needed to see an immunologist. My GP spoke to a Dr Martin Stuckey here in Perth and forwarded all my information to him. When I rang to make an appointment I was given one with an eight week wait, my appointment was supposed to be last Wednesday the 1st of August and it was cancelled as he has Jury duty, I am still waiting for it to be re-scheduled. The only assistance I have really had so far is from a Naturopath, I have been reading all sorts of information on the net and I am really frustrated because I just want to see a specialist that can answer some of my questions and hopefully point me in the right direction. Can anybody recommend someone in Perth?


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    hi erin,
    welcome to whl.
    there is about a dozen west australians who frequent this site.

    can you please send me a private message with details about where you are, and i will try to help locate someone for you.

    we usually do not want to send personal information out for everyone to see. so private messages are safer. (they can only be seen by the person they are addressed to).

    the easiest way to send one to me.... is to click on my name (in blue type) then follow the tabs that pop up.

    i am happy to try to help. and if i cant help, i will pass you onto someone else who can.
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