Well, Niall, it took all "weekend" (Sunday & Monday) for me to recuperate, and I'm back at it again this week. I get home from work, and *have* to nap. I just woke-up, in fact... and I'll probably have to hit the hay at about 9 or so tonight. I am *beat* from work, and I don't do anything "physical", other than sit in a chair. Weird how worn-out feeling a person can get... (notice I didn't use the word "old" in there? - tic)

LindaJ, the rash was gone after almost 5 weeks, and the cellulitis is about gone. They overlapped about 2 weeks. All told, this round has been almost seven weeks worth of fun and excitement, meeting new doctors and nurses in the ER... except I already knew most of 'em anyway... oh well. |;^)