Hey guys, a sort-of update of sorts... I had that visit to the ER a week ago Sunday, where I took the wife out to breakfast at Micky D's on the way there, 'member? An' I had a rash from what we think was a drug reaction? An' a follow-up next day with the pcp, an' a gatherin' of the heads in their office. An' I got in to the skin guy the other day, and he says "reasonably certain that it's a drug reaction" and gave me more steroids and a steroid cream... Well, I haven't hardly eaten anything lately, what with the insides all messed-up, like the skin, and I don't hardly digest it anyway, and just sit there and moan instead, 'cause my liver is complainin' an' all... Well, today they got me in to see the pcp for follow-up, and she doesn't like it at all. "Stop all meds except the synthroid, and we'll reduce that a bit also. Stop all supplements. Only use your rescue inhaler, if you can get by with that, else use the symbicort if you have to, to open up. You're still reacting to something." I asked: "even the steroids" she answered "Yes. Now. Immediately. No steroid cream even." She says I'm doing Erythema Multiforme Major at the least, and might even be doing a Stevens-Johnson Syndrome thang... I looked 'em up on the net here just now... Wow! scary skin stuff. The EMM (I didn't see an "official" medical acronym for that, so I just "coined" that one... tic) sounds a pinch better, though I still don't like it. My skin is dying and peeling in several places (mangy mutt... lol), and hurts like H E double-Pete, with this shtinking, crawling itch with it. btw, I now know what the phrase "pruritic rash" means... It itches so bad it hurts... lol - Did you know that there isn't really any medical "treatment" for this stuff?... You'd think someone would have invented something for this... Oh well. It's like someone's burning your skin with fire from the inside out.

Anyway, they took more blood from me today than they did when we did chemo & radiation tests for my cancer way back when. I feel better after the blood-letting... tic. So they've courriered the blood (guy drove them in a truck) to the lab (I'm sure I'll get to pay for the expedited shipping), and now I'm back at home, "sitting by the phone, waiting for my baby to call"... No, wait, wrong song... waiting for "doctor doctor, give me the news"... Wait, here it is, song N3 on the jukebox... waiting for the doc to call. She said it'd probably be early this evening for the labs & she's gonna call another rheumy she knows and consult, along with my rheumy and the hematologist, AND the dermatologist... phew! Good thing she's got 3 people at the desks to make phone calls. There wasn't any word yet on the skin biopsy from Monday (Tuesday? what day is it today?...) yet. Anyway, she says my throat is constricted from this... like, I could close off and not be able to breath kind a thang, and to pay attention to my symptoms *real* close. No gluten, no dairy, nothing I know I'm allergic to (like shellfish)... Take a benedryl and remain calm... OK, sure. I can do that... Calm, eh? btw, no need for a liver biopsy, it's not enlarged feeling to her. They'll do an ultrasound this evening if my numbers are off again.

Calm. So I wait. Calm. If any of you is prayin' folk, I'd sure appreciate some help there... still smilin' tho |;^)