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    Quote Originally Posted by vicky62 View Post
    ... hopefully they will calm my fears ... I feel so sorry for my little 8 yr old Merlin and my husband more then me. Do you understand how I feel ...
    We all understand how you feel. I've got two boys, 10 & 12. If I'm not careful, I'll think to myself "I should be out in the backyard with them, playing baseball more" or whatever. Not gonna happen. I'll do what I can, when I can. 'Sides I can't afford to keep replacing the neighbors' windows... So we'll do 'alternative' things, like play more on the computer together, or (shudder) wash dishes together after supper... you have to take care of yourself first though, before you can take care of others. As to the "fear" thang, taint nuthin'. Sort of. While lupus isn't the death sentence it could be just 30 years ago, it's nothing to ignore either. You do want to 'keep it in a box', as my rheumy says, under control, so that its effects aren't as severe or rapid as they would be without proper medication. Unfortunately, that means doctor visits...
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    Yes, we do understand. Lucky for me, my kids are all adults. We have a lot of Moms (and Dads, like Jmail) with young ones as members here. Kids are fairly resiliant, and they learn to deal with things like playing on the computer instead of playing baseball. I think that Merlin and your hubby will learn to be supportive of you if you are upfront with both of them and teach them about what is happening to you as you learn.
    My 13 year-old grandson loves to spend time with me. He understands that Grandma runs out of energy easily. We'll plan out our time together so that we have an activity (like going to the aquarium, with him pushing me in a wheelchair) one day and the next day we'll spend being couch potatoes watching Disney shows and movies of his choice, with popcorn and lots of other snacks.

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    Hi, I am also new to the site and am still going through the fighting process I was diagnosed 3 months ago I am a mom with 2 wonderful kids Deja 8 and Alexis 6 and a wonderful husband who is in the Army who takes great care of me. I look forward to reading the replies on your post seeing how others are managing this as I know I haven't been doing such a great job at it. Look forward to seeing more of your posts.


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