I was diagnosed Then un-diagnosed roughly ten years ago, I have had constant flares that come and go but have always been tolerable. My doctor at the time made me feel like it was all in my head, to the point that I didn't want to see another Dr. about it. My questions are can lupus of the skin turn into lupus of the organs, Sorry I am not up on the medical terms. The reason I ask is I have been having some issues with pain in my belly, They found a spot on my trunk and Celiac Atery and some narrowing of the artery. I have had a bunch of tests and now diagnosed with Arteritis. Could lupus do this. I feel just like I did ten years ago Its like they do not care. they put me on max dose Prednisone for up to 3 months if it doesnt work then surgery for the arteri. Wondering about the steroids How much harm they may cause. Thanks for listening just looking for a little feed back. I am very frustrated.