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I'd forgotten to mention the vitamin D like jolynnhughes did. You might also have your B12 checked, since it affects nerves & their response. The "low" level is currently set at 180-200 in the US, but you can have symptoms below the 380-400 level. It almost sounds like your thyroid might be doing "hot/cold" cycles. Have they checked you for nodules, did you say? That might also be associated with absorbtion of the medicine in your intestines (you mention ibs). Do you take probiotics or digestive enzymes at all? Those (esp. probiotics) help immensely. It'd be interesting to see what your calcium & phosphate levels are. Any asthma symptoms?
jolynnhughes- I forgot to mention the ringing in my ears that started about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Very new for me. I take 5,000iu of Vit D and alternate with 10,000iu of Vit D (this is fairly normal for those that live in the northwest like I do). I like to be in the upper range. I will share with you my last Thyroid Peroxidase Autoabs was 1998 which is very high. Since this recent issue started I have also had times when my hands were red and splotchy. I showed the first Rheumy I went to and he told me it is age related and hormonal. I didnt agree with that or the fibro dx so I went to a new Rheumy.

After seeing Rheumy number two and hearing the results of all the xrays I had, I realize that my pain which I thought was joint pain, was actually the swelling of the bursae and tendons. The bursae in my knees swell make me stiff and fatigued from walking (remember from my first post I was running before this all happened), the ankles which causes my feet to hurt including pins and needles on my heels.

I will be seeing an eye doctor next week. My eyes are dry all the time and I fear I will have to stop wearing contacts. I guess I need to look into the punctal plugs. There is something else wrong with one of my eyes that he watches and takes pictures of , I will need to get the name of that and make sure I have it included in my list of issues.

The doctor that prescribed me the LDN has suggested that I go to an immunologist next, which I will be doing.

I also have low blood pressure, sleep extremely hot (which has always been attributed to my adrenal fatigue in the last three years)

Jmail- I had an ultrasound recently (third in the history of my dx) and the tech was taken back by the looks of my gland, it was very scared and small. I have in the past had nodules which the tech indicated was what she was seeing on my gland, a bunch of nodules. My PCP indicated nothing was abnormal. Then she decided to send me to the endo which I declined. They cant do anything for me, except look at my TSH and drop my meds. I take probiotics in the AM, and take my levo and Cytomel under my tongue in the AM as well. I find that they are much better absorbed this way and dont taste too bad.

I have had my B-12 tested in the past and it wasnt an issue, but I havent had it checked recently. Need to find a new doctor who values tests like that.
Calcium in 2011 was in range, is the phosphate test Alkaline Phos or ALT and AST? I had that done last year too all in range.

I really appreciate everyone's insight and input more than you will ever know. Please keep it coming