Hi everyone!

DX with Hashimoto's in 2000, my thyroid is slowly dying and shrinking due to constant attacks. Still symptomatic. Previously treated for adrenal fatigue with cortef, and currently only on herbal supplements

Three years ago I started walking and then running. Shortly after I started I developed pain in my hip. Icing and heat did not resolve the pain. Frequently when I would get up from my desk job, my hip would feel tight and then after starting to walk it would make a loud pop. After running and training, losing weight and feeling mentally better I started pursuing half marathons in which I would run roughly 8 miles out of the 13.1. However around mile 3 the hip pain would be awful. Eventually I stopped a little over a year ago to go to PT and get some treatment. Well the stretches and exercises made it less painful but I was never able to resolve it completely. No running or exercising complete rest for it. The pain comes and goes it seems. I live with it.

Mid February this year, right after my 41st birthday I woke up feeling incredibly awful. While in bed I stretched my limbs as most often due when awakening. However something weird happened, my toes popped, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers...you get the idea. With every movement I made I made huge popping sounds. I went out to a festival and walked around as I would have normally done. I became fatigued, stiff and unable to spend much time on my feet. Went to see my doctor who ran tests for all the usual thyroid, IFG-1, Ferritin, RA factor, Antinuclear Antibodies, ANA, dsDNA, nRNP, SS-A, SS-B, Scl-70, Ribosomal P, C3 comp, C4 comp, RF factor. I dont completely understand the test results. My IFG-1 was high, I had 1:40-1:80 speckled, C3 was 153, C4 was 39.

Dr fell ill and was unable to see me after requesting these labs.

I found a new primary which is very western and doesnt completely understand my health issues. After pushing her she referred me to a Rheumy. Still same issues continued with no changes. Lots of pain, stiffness, fatigue, brain fog.
Rheumy thought I might have human parvo, but I didnt test high even to be positive. He and the PCP decided I had fibro, but not any type of a classic case. Rheumy requested other tests in which I have not seen the results but he deemed me not having any other autoimmune diseases.

Went to a new Rheumy at the end of May and again in June, had exam, xrays of all joints, and blood work. She dx me with Fibro and told me that I had multiple bursae that were inflammed through out my body and offered me cortisone injections if I wanted in the future. My test results were ALT & AST high, ANA screen A was 8 with a range of 0-10, SSA (Ro) was high at 117 with a range of 0-99. Thats all I got.

6 weeks ago I added LDN to my thyroid regiment in hopes that it would help to clear up some of my issues if it was an autoimmune issue. I feel less swollen, but am still popping like a piece of popcorn. I hurt, need to lay down and rarely feel rested. I have NEVER had issues like this with my Hashi's and am kind of sick of hearing that it might be the reason. I need answers, and just about ready to get as many cortisone shots as I can handle in my body.

Has ANYONE had symptoms like this? I feel like I am fighting another AI issue, I need direction and hope.

Thanks ~J