Ok so I have been trying to get into the Rheumatologist. The first time I called was because I never heard anything back after the referral. They looked for my referral and didn't find it or my medical records. I had my doctors office send the referral again. I called the next day to see if they got it and they said they didn't. They said they would call the doctors office and see what the problem is. They called and called me back and told me they were sending it to the wrong place in the clinic. So they finally got it and my medical records. They were going to send my medical records to the Rheumatologist to review and I would get a call back from the guy I was talking to to tell me that the scheduling department was going to call me. That was Tuesday the 17th of July and I still haven't gotten a call back.

I am really mad. Why is it taking so long to get me into the Rheumatologist?