Just wondering if you guys have any insight...my doc was confused by this, but thinks it is related to either the Lupus/Sjogrens or to me being on Methotrexate....it looks NOTHING like discoid lupus.

This past Saturday I developed a weird rash on the backs of my hands. It started out with one area on my thumb - about the size of a corn kernel, raised and bumpy kinda like blisters/tapioca pudding. A few little satellite bumps. Not particularly sore, mildly itchy. Then it had babies - lots of little bumps all across the back of my hand. Then by Monday there were a few on my left hand, too. No redness, very mild itch, some bumps bigger than others. You wouldn't really notice it unless you were looking for it in good light, and then you'd go "Ewwww - what IS that?!"

I'd almost say it was poison ivy if I didn't know better - it doesn't itch as much as that, and I haven't been around any!

Anyhoo - just wondering if anybody else would read this and go "Oh, yeah, I had that...it's 'X'...."

Though I suppose, like everything else, it will turn into ANOTHER FLIPPIN' TRIP TO THE DOCTOR....and MORE &^%$ TESTS.... LOL...my Rheum said if it's not gone by Friday to call and probably come in. So please - if you know how to get rid of it in the next 24 hours, TELL ME!!! :-P