I'm totally new to this site. I found you all by searching with google for "Lupus Support" because i need it. I'm 24 years old and have known that I have Lupus since I was about 11. I had early onset Renauds and that's how I was diagnosed. I had positive ANA but no other symtoms. So anyway...

In the past year or so, I've started the downward spiral of all my symtoms starting to be here. It's almost like they are erupting. I have a great doctor who I trust and supportive friends and family, but It hard to really talk about it with them because it's difficult for others to understand (as you all know I'm sure). I don't have the ulcers and rashes and outward sx that I've read some of you have. My biggest problems are joint pain and swelling, flue like achiness with fever, exhaustion, and depression. I've been considering seeing a Psychiatrist to try an anti-depressant but it feels like a cop out (maybe, I'm still undecided). My Rhuemy and I have been trying short term steroid treatments. 5 days at a time when i start a flare but it's a bit hard to know when it's starting, or if i'm just tired or if i have a cold or sumthing. It's also complicated because i'm very prome to infection and am frequently on antibiotics for sinus stuffage. Anyway...I'm just hear to be part of a community where we all understand what the other person is goin through. Thaank you all for being here!