Hey guys,

Havent posted in a while because things were going good. Life was good, pain level was ok but as we all know, it never completely goes away and my lupus feels like it has come back with a vengeance. About a month ago my hair loss started to increase again. Before I was diagnosed I had huge bald patches above my temples and lost all my arm hair (which I didn't mind). Those are starting to come back again. Im getting horrible rashes on my chest and arms from the fluorescent lights at work. Then my joint pains have come on very severely. I get the burning, stabbing pains in my knees, hips, fingers... It almost feels like those lights on a Christmas Tree that twinkle in rhythm with a song. Alternating on my joints with aggression. I was in the ER on Saturday bc my back went out as well. They refused to give me a shot in my back and just loaded me with dilaudid instead. Saw my rheumy today and ive been on plaq 6 mos now and having probably the worst flare since diagnosis. Gave me some steroids and also said I have fibro too (of course). How long does one wait in pain to know if the medicine is not enough or not working? Weeks? months? I take plaq, lodine, oxycodone, and cymbalta. I hate these times. I just don't want to leave my bed.