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Thread: Do I have Lupus Erythematosus ??? Help please...

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    Arrow Do I have Lupus Erythematosus ??? Help please...

    OK here is my situation...

    My doctor told me I had a positive ANA so she had me see a specialist.

    The rheumatologist could not find anything wrong with me. However, the lab results she gave me had Leykocytopenia, and 795.79 - (Other and unspecified nonspecific immunological findings, Raised level of immunoglobulins) listed as conditions.

    She just said that some women have a positive ANA and low white blood count and that's normal.
    What is meant by having a positive ANA? Is it the same thing as having low white blood count?
    I think I need a second opinion because I was not thrilled about her.

    Right now I currently take levothyroxide for my thyroid condition, lexapro for my anxiety, and I do ECT therapy for my depression. I have no other medical condition that I am being treated for.

    My most recent physical showed that I was anemic, and I was on the border of low Vitamin D.. so I need to start taking those vitamins ASAP. My doctor listed "Lupus Erythematosus" under my problem lists but she didn't mention anything to me. I am not sure if this is a mistake or not but she went on vacation and I can't ask her so I am freaking out here.

    The only symptoms I have is pain in my joints, bones, and a muscle twitch throughout my body. The pain can start anywhere from my teeth to my knee, my nails, etc. Is that what lupus feels like? I don't think I have fibromyalgia because I have been tested for that and they told me I don't have it.

    The other thing I was curious about is how do you read a laboratory report. For instance, how am I supposed to figure out what BMP, LFT, etc, mean?? In some areas my values are high and in some they are low. And I just want to know if these numbers have anything to do with the way I am feeling.

    Also is there a way to increase the low white blood count level??

    I am sorry for asking so many questions....

    Thank you for reading!

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    Take a nice, slow, deep breath, purse your lips, and exhale slowly, counting to four. relax. Try not to fret over it. We can't tell from here if you've got SLE or not, and no two foks have the same exact symptoms. Is your thyroid condition Hoshimoto's? That's an autoimmune condition, where your body attacks your thyroid. You'll go anemic, low on D, etc., very similarly to what you describe. Thyroid hormone therapy levels often have to be bumped-up as you progress with the issue. Sufficient Vitamin D levels are important. Since the thyroid controls just about everything in your body, you can have bone, muscle, nerve & emotional issues. An SLE diagnosis is a process of elimination usually, where a doctor makes certain that you don't have an underlying "base" condition causing the symptoms. They called my last flare by several names, one of which was "psoriatic indicative" or similar, which worried me about psoriatic arthritis, but it was a term used to describe the sores on my head. That's not to say you don't have SLE or something other autoimmune. Read up on autoimmune stuff, but don't get too deep into it, since a lot of the internet stuff does nothing but scare a person that doesn't have anything to worry about.

    As to the blood work terms, you could use an internet search engine and look them up, or browse around the site here, and read through the "stickie" threads at the top of each section. There's all sorts of useful info on here. If you're like me though, you might get a pinch confused by it all. I don't know of a way to increase your white blood cell count, but that is a symptom that your doc(s) would use for diagnosis. Try not to worry about that. It's important that you trust your doctors. If you're not comfortable with one, try to find another, if your insurance will let you. Ask around the folks you know who they go to. It's great if you know someone who works in the medical field. My wife, mom-in-law & sis-in-law all work in the medical field, and it makes it much easier to find good docs that are actually nice. Mention what area you live in, and maybe someone here could recommend you a rheumy.
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    hi and welcome.
    unfortunatelly there are currently no doctors who are members of this site.
    we cannot diagnose..... but we can share our own experiences.

    many of your symptoms could be explained by your known ailments.
    having a thyroid issue, anxiety and depression all point to a mixed up auto immune system.
    this does not mean you have lupus, but it does mean lupus is a possability.
    you should have other tests to rule in or out many things.

    yes it is worth taking the problems seriously,
    but do not let anyone talk you into a suggestion that you do or dont have a particular condition.
    many of us get lots of tests to find out exactly what we have.
    i had 15 vials of blood drawn to test and rule out lots of things before my rhuematologist was prepared to diagnose me.

    there is no positive test to say you have lupus.......
    it can only be diagnosed from your symptoms, and by ruling out other options.

    please read the criteria for diagnosing lupus.

    i wish you success in finding the cause for your problems.
    please stay in contact with us.
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    First let me welcome you to WHL. A Positive ANA can be the starting point of finding out that someone has Lupus but it can also happen for unknown reasons. White blood cells are what the body uses to fight infection. A low white blood count may mean nothing but it could also mean that something is going on. Same with the ANA. ANA being positive really doesn't tell much. It says that there is something going on with the body and usually you will be sent to a rhuematologist and he will then do further testing. He will not only test the ANA again but will look for the ANA pattern as well as many other blood tests.

    The information you have so far is nothing to panic over. These tests have just given your doctor a reason to begin looking to make sure that nothing more is going on with you.

    Here is a link that will allow you to look up what all of the tests they did were for. Let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you. We are glad to have you with us.

    Lab Tests & Results

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