hey there guys, it's me again, Bianca. Well.. do I have a story for you guys! I'm almost 18, and i went to Muskoka for leadership for 5 days. Picture this - my second night i had to go to the hospital i was sick as a bird! They give me an ECG(EKG) whatever, tell me i have a bad flue and my heart is beating irregular because i'm 'dry'.. i get home, still sick, and end up at my doctor's. She sends me for an EKG and the machine is BROKEN.. go figure.. it's Canada.. Well about a week ago i got these lumps on the back of my neck and head.. they hurt and FEEL like lymph nodes, but they're not! i have an appointment today.. does anyone else have this mysterious bumps as well? It's painful.. thanks in advance

xO - Bianca - xO