I'm only twenty, quite a few people aside from my mother who probably understands the most think twenty is far too young to be 'disabled'.
Suck it up and go work my uncle says, apparently he knows a guy that has lupus and he works hard jobs and the sorts despite having some days he's extremely ill. I personally would work if people would hire me, but they won't because I have issues with pain and it wasn't named to me until I got my blood work back.

Is that really a reason to not take SSI or government healthcare? He's a guy that has no healthcare what-so-ever because he personally can't afford it either and yet refuses to go take government aid. Am I less of a trustworthy/meaningful person if I take government healthcare, because this is how he's making it sound. What if I have a flare and end up with pleurisy again or I have some sort of issues with my organs?

I deal with my pain very well, it doesn't usually concern me unless I suddenly become limited due to too much pain.
It kinda sucks when someone says you're just playing it when you say you're considering seeking help because of being low income.

What can someone my age do for help?
Do I just work my butt off and when I can't get out of my bed I apply for disability, because that doesn't exactly sound like what I want for a lifestyle choice. My mom ended up like that, I really don't want to stay in bed all day without me actually choosing to do that. It's depressing.