Hi... I am new to this site, but hoping to find someone out there that can help me or at least understand what I'm going through. I was going to pain management for about 10 years..between headaches, bad muscles spasms in neck and shoulders. He was treating me for a herniated disc in neck and 4 buldging discs in back. My pain wasn't getting any better and he started thinking I might have lupus. (I was diagonsed with discoid lupus around 6 years ago.) So in March I had bloodwork and results came back positive for SLE and in April I was also diagoned with Sjorgren's Syndrome. I also found out that my bad chlorestrol is very high 207, so on Crestor for that...I just feel like I'm falling apart...I have bald spots from the lupus...and the ugly red rash marks on my face....and I have soooo much pain in my elbows and wrists....it's unbelievable. And still have the back pain and neck pain. I feel runned down and not myself anymore. I now stopped pain management dr. because my rhemotory dr. said she would take over.... but she cut all my meds. almost in half....that I was taking for over 6 years... including my percocet, fioricet, and klonpin for muscle spasms. I know these drugs are not the answer to cure my lupus, but I honestly can say that the pain is still there but tolerable. Sorry for rambling..and misspelling....I noticed lately that my memory isn't as well as it was. I don't even know if this will make sense to anyone out there...I 'm just looking for information and help. And FEEL SO DEPRESSED AND SCARED!