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Thread: question about blood work

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    Default question about blood work

    Hello everyone,
    It has been a while since I have posted. I hope everyone is feeling well and having more good days than bad. I was wondering if anyone knows the question to this answer. I was looking through my blood work and i saw a test that my dr. mentioned very breifly. The test is the RIBOSMAL P PROTEIN. I believe it is one of the many tests that if it comes back postive (a result of 41 is a postive result) u may have SLE. my test results came back at 40 and the right up was equivocal. I am not sure what this means. I am one point away from being postive. I think my dr. was telling me that this part of the test is trying to show that my body is showing signs of SLE? i thought maybe someone would have an answer about this one particular test. I tried to google this test but everything that came up on it was just to confusing.

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    I myself am not familiar with it but from what I gathered after searching it is it is very specific to lupus. If you are positive for it its a good indication of SLE and also that there could be CNS involvement, though there isn't very much data to completely support the CNS involvement.
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    By saying it is equivocal the doctor is saying that the test is inconclusive. He won't dismiss it not will he confirm a diagnosis based on that test.

    Hope that helps

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