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Thread: I survived my hip surgery!

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    Default I survived my hip surgery!

    Well, Last Tuesday I went to Boston and had my (second) arthroscopic hip surgery. It went well, though a bit tougher than the first bout. I had a different Doctor and he was much more...agressive. I think he dislocated my hip during surgery to get at it better. He put my foot in some sort of boot contraption, and now the top of my foot and ankle is numb. My guess is that will go away soon...I hope. I felt pretty good till yesterday and had a really BAD mini-flare day...that is what I am calling it, cause I feel fine today. Lupus is so weird and unpredictable. I couldn't even function yesterday, but today I feel great(so far...I've learned though not to conquer the world when I feel better). That's all...Just felt like blabbing. Junebug

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    Congrats!!! I hope this recovery goes well and you are up and running (um, slowly LOL) soon.

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    Goodnightjunebug :lol:
    Many congratulations on your successful surgery. I know that your recovery will be just as successful :lol:
    You are so right about Lupus being unpredictable. Like you, on those days when I feel good, I have a tendancy to try to put everything that I could not do on my bad days into that one good day and, boy, do I pay for it afterwards. It is hard not to because we rarely get days when very few things hurt and we actually feel as if we have some energy (lol). Yes, we have to moderate ourselves even on our good days...all a part of the lifestyle changes we've had to make.
    Best of Luck and take very good care of yourself during this recovery period. Keep us posted

    Peace and Blessings

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