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Thread: *Waves*

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    Hi SassyNerd,
    Welcome to WHL. I'm another SciFi fan. I love any Star Trek movie or show. I'm also a huge fan of Dr. Who. If our TV is on, it's a safe bet that it is either a SciFi show or a cooking show (that's me - the cook of the family).
    My daughter has PCOS. Are you taking Met Formin (sp?) for it? She was taking that, and after finding that she is gluten intolerant, she drastically changed her diet. She lost a lot of weight and got lots healthier. She was also taking fertility treatments and it finally worked. She will have a baby girl in October. She has a 13 year old son already.
    I look forward to getting to know you. We nerds should stick together, right?

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    Nerds should always stick together Marla! I love Battlestar Galactica! Gah huge nerd, I even bought the tabletop game, but there are only so many things I can buy without giving up the food budget, lol.

    They only put me on birth control since my PCOS seemed to be minor, to be honest, my doctor just recommended that I lose weight, so I have been on a food plan for myself for a while, recently I started counting calories with the help of one of those free apps for your phone, so far it's helping me stay full and not hungry, turned out I was eating half the calories I was supposed to! I was very enraged at myself for that, I figure if I lose weight that should at least help the PCOS.

    Gah rob, that sounds awesome! Jealous! I loveee the Matrix, watch the trilogy almost always once a year! I have to say, I have been meaning to watch Star Trek DS9 for a while, I don't think I was giving it a chance, my favorites are TNG and Voyager.

    Thank you to tgal and cyberqueen and everyone else who welcomed me, I am glad to have found this forum, good to know all of us nerds!

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