I was diagnosed with lupus when i was fifteen. Every doctor i have seen have all said i have a "hint" of lupus. My rheumatologist now says my lupus is "stable" but i've had my gallbladder removed when i was 18 years old. I was in the hospital like 5 times in one year because my health kept falling apart. (because i was over working) I am worried because i'm 20 now and i have so much pain STILL!! my legs, arms, hips, back, and so many other things hurt all the time! Sometimes i can't breath and idk why and the fatigue is ridiculous! i'm literally falling asleep in public places @.@ but my doctor wants me to see a psychologist and I DONT WANT TO >.< i'm not depressed ok i GET depressed it's random and hits pretty hard when it does but i know the source is my circumstances right now (i'm homeless) so i don't need to go to a psychologist to just identify something i already know. and on top of that he suggested i take anti depressants or something that can help me but i don't want to because i heard it's very very very bad for you the side affects are horrible! on top of that he thinks that after i see the doctor he will cure my lupus pains and i can't believe he is disregarding my symptoms and chalking it up to simply "its all in my head" when my ANA was positive and everything >:( not to mention my flare ups when in 2010! Please help me someone anyone who knows about about stable lupus. i'm happy it isnt as bad as it can get but it doesnt make my discomfort go away :'( in fact i can't even keep a job because if i work to hard i get sick. i cant even hang out because i get fatigue so quickly. i can't even go walking up the street without running out of breath! I have shared a huge list of my ailments to my doctor but he still is like "go see a psychologist"

Please help because they have given me so many drugs and i'm afraid because of my young age i'll get sicker. isnt there any organic substitutes? I tried to ask my doctor that too but he just blew me off. Never the less i just have to know if i'm normal all these years of going through this pain and nausia just for something Stable? =.= i'm still in pain heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp >.<