So I just got my SSDI denial letter today, even though the woman I talked to said it would take 3-4 months after they reviewed my medical records because it takes that long to make a medical decision. The woman told me I would be denied because I hadn't worked enough but told me I wouldn't hear anything until my medical records were reviewed and that it would take a few months. So since I got it today, and applied last Monday, I guess that means that they didn't even look at my medical records and I wasted over an hour of my life answering her questions over the phone after spending hours on my own beforehand looking up all my medical history and doctors, tests, and medications. To say I'm mad is an understatement. Its one thing to say you will probably be denied because you don't have enough work credits but if she knew that they wouldn't even look at my medical records why did she make me fill it all out!!! So aggravated. If you're under 24 you need to have worked for 1 and a half years to qualify, and I've probably only worked for 1 year total. I was dx'd at 16 when I was finally old enough to even get a job and am 19 now. So I guess that means I needed to have worked over half of the time I've been sick, and go to school. To me that makes no sense. I'm calling tomorrow and asking about it and they also filled out some of the questions incorrectly (they sent me a copy of my application) because uh THEY DIDN'T EVEN ASK ME THEM.