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Thread: Bad days and pain.

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    Ahhh yes Labour pains! Well I don't get labour pain. I have delivered 4babies and on one occasion and felt pressure for 20min and on another I felt one contraction. Sorry Ladies! But I suppose that is why I am making up for it now heeee
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    I've gone from 'my body is a temple, so I will only eat organic ethical slow energy release foods that I have sourced myself' to 'sod it I'm tired, I'll get a takeaway'.

    These days I will take any med to make me feel better (obviously I mean OTC or prescribed ones)

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    Wow, Marla and Desley, and all you other women who've dealt with labour pain... Thank you for doing it. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for a certain woman doing it for me. Then she had the courage to do it 6 more times... Yikes! I thought my wife was going to break my hand from the squeezing when she had our two boys...

    I used to do a warm bath with epsom salts and soak the joints when things got bad, do a flexeril and some ibuprofen or aspirin, with the ocassional dally with a Darvocet, but now that's been pulled off the market. Most other "narcotic" pain relievers for me make me drowsy or loopy, and I don't like that, so I'm mostly an analgesic kind of guy now, and like most folks, I'm learning (*slow* learner) to pace myself. I can't hardly do the baths anymore, since my lungs have decided to get involved, so now I can't hardly breath when I do that anymore. Humidity and heat are to be avoided by me... Summer ain't fun like it used to be. It's A/C and pacing now... lol - 'Course, I don't like cold weather any better... tic
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