Hi everyone! I'm newly diagnosed with lupus and I'm wondering if anyone can give me some good sun protection tips. I've never been an outdoorsy kind of person but I am Filipino and naturally very tan. I never burned until recently when prolonged sun exposure caused rashes on my neck. Before the diagnosis of lupus, I never really thought much about sun protection aside from sometimes slathering on the sunscreen when I knew I'd be outdoors for a long period of time, like at Ren Faire or some festival.

I know I can't afford to think like that right now but I have no idea what to do about sun protection. I'm a stereotypical geek so I'm indoors a lot at home. Most of my sun exposure is when I'm out driving, normally to drop off my daughter at preschool and to run errands, generally before 2:00PM. My daughter likes going to the park and I don't want to deprive her of that, either. Anyone have any recommendations for sunscreen? I currently use a moisturizer with SPF15 for my face. I guess I need something with a higher SPF and one for my body as well? Which do we have to worry about more, UVA or UVB rays? I had a friend recommend Kiehl's to me which looked great with a high SPF but was very, very expensive and I need something more within the drugstore price range.

I also had a few questions about sun protective clothing, particularly if anyone has any recommendations for good cover ups? I live in an area that's scorching hot in the summer so recs for breathable, cool fabrics (and/or places to get them online) would be great. TIA!