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    Default Sun Protection

    Hi everyone! I'm newly diagnosed with lupus and I'm wondering if anyone can give me some good sun protection tips. I've never been an outdoorsy kind of person but I am Filipino and naturally very tan. I never burned until recently when prolonged sun exposure caused rashes on my neck. Before the diagnosis of lupus, I never really thought much about sun protection aside from sometimes slathering on the sunscreen when I knew I'd be outdoors for a long period of time, like at Ren Faire or some festival.

    I know I can't afford to think like that right now but I have no idea what to do about sun protection. I'm a stereotypical geek so I'm indoors a lot at home. Most of my sun exposure is when I'm out driving, normally to drop off my daughter at preschool and to run errands, generally before 2:00PM. My daughter likes going to the park and I don't want to deprive her of that, either. Anyone have any recommendations for sunscreen? I currently use a moisturizer with SPF15 for my face. I guess I need something with a higher SPF and one for my body as well? Which do we have to worry about more, UVA or UVB rays? I had a friend recommend Kiehl's to me which looked great with a high SPF but was very, very expensive and I need something more within the drugstore price range.

    I also had a few questions about sun protective clothing, particularly if anyone has any recommendations for good cover ups? I live in an area that's scorching hot in the summer so recs for breathable, cool fabrics (and/or places to get them online) would be great. TIA!

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    There is a great thread about this posted in Laurie's Lounge and can be found here

    UV light is what bothers some of us. Some people have no issue with it but others of us can actually be thrown into a flare by the sun. It isn't just about rashes, it can be about what that time of light does to our over all well being. When we talk about sunlight you should also know that florescent lighting can be just as harmful to some of us. I use a neutragena (sp) 100SPF on my face. I like it because it isn't oily greasy. I keep a 50SPF sunscreen in my purse to use in the car, before a trip to the store, during a trip to the store if I need to re-apply etc.

    If I am actually going to be out in the sun then I wear a hat (which I HATE), long sleeves and long pants. There is actual clothing that offers UV protection but I found it to be too think and hot. I prefer to use sunscreen and wear thinner clothes but I live in Texas where it is 100 degrees right now. The one tip I am going to give you is this .. Don't forget about your hands and feet! I wear a lot of flip-flop type things and your feet are easy to forget but they can let the UV rays in and make you feel bad just as much as anywhere else.

    Go ahead and click the link above. THere will be TONS of information on this topic

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    Sunscreen!! I use that Neutrogena spray sunscreen, it's 100spf. Make sure to get your feet and hands. Just be sure to be consistent with the sunscreen. You can't just go a day without applying sunscreen anymore. Like Tgal I really love neutrogena because of how it light it feels and the affordability. You can just find it at any Walmart or Walgreens.

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    I use the nutregena sport sunscreen.

    I also buy long sleeve shirts from duluth trading online. They are light weight with built in vent panels and spf of 50.
    I live in the chicago area and work in construction outdoors much of the year and have always had problems with severe rashes from minimal sun exposure.
    And this has helped me a great deal. As well most fishing/outdoor stores sell fishing shirts which are similar but much more expensive.I have heard ritz clothes dye has a treatment for adding spf protection-easy as washing clothes but I haven't tried it yet myself

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    Sunscreen. When you find one you like, stock up on it! I actually found at the $ Store of all places, 30 SPF water babies sunscreen. For that price, I have tubes of it everywhere! Make applying sunscreen part of your morning routine. There are several different brands with several different types, so try different ones and find what you like best. Personally, I like spray on for my arms and legs, cream for my face hands, and everywhere else. As far as clothing is concerned, yes, there is a lot of SPF clothing out there and the prices can be rather high. I got lucky and found packets of Ritz spf treatment on clearance at Michael's craft store last year and bought them all. I've reserved specific pieces of clothing for that treatment: long sleeved shirts and lightweight jackets that don't need washing very often. I don't like hats either but if I'm going to be outside for an extended period of time, have a really cool PINK! 50 spf hat I picked up at a sporting goods store.
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    Here's a link to buy RIT Sun Guard:
    You can wash your own clothes in it and make them sun protective. I did that with everything that we packed for our trip to Greece. It really helped.
    I like Aveeno sunscreen. I can't stand creams on my face, so I spent a bit more and bought bare essentials powder sunscreen for my face. I really like that stuff.

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