Hello all. Last week I made a trip to the ER one night because I was having anxiety type symptoms again for the 2nd or 3rd night in a row. This time it was accompanied by a sweat and low grade temp, rash etc and a shower didn't help to calm my nerves this time. My first thought was it had something to do with my adrenals because the last time my cortisol was low I had woken from a dead sleep in anxiety/panic and after uping my prednisone dose it slowly went away.

I got to the ER around 11pm and did not leave until 4:30 that morning. My boyfriend who had to work that morning and get up at 530 stayed with me all night and we slept literally 15 minutes the whole time and nothing was accomplished. They gave me a full bag of saline and zofran for nausea and ordered some blood work. By 4:30 we had not heard from the Doctor at all about the labs or his diagnosis, etc. We even had to end up taping the IV line up so it wasn't ripped out of my hand, unhooking it and removing the IV because the drip was done and no one had come in to check on things. At that point we were both ready to go home and crawl into bed excitedly so he went and told the nurse. She came in and said "Well your labs looked okay and the dr isn't sure what caused your symptoms but he doesn't think it's the low "cortisone"..."....Um well it's not "Cortisone" first off it's "cortisol" and needless to say we said okay fine give us the discharge papers so we can go home.

I had an increase in my Lyrica dosage monday of that week from 75 to 100mg. I thought maybe that played a part in it. So after taking it for a week I dropped it back down last night to 75mg. It didn't really help. I saw my new PCP today who I like(Yay! Finally! lol)and he was able to get the lab results from the ER my bf and I never got to hear about. Apparently not only did he NOT do a cortisol, but my glucose was also somewhat elevated. He said it also appeared that my tongue had glossitis. Anyone have experience with this I've had it once before that I know of and it was due to Iron Deficiency Anemia but that was 3+ years ago. One other thing that has cropped up is Low heart rate. Another reason I tapered down on the Lyrica was because I thought it could cause a slower heart rate since it relaxes you to sleep. My heart rate has been in the 50s...52 the night before last and yesterday ran in the 50s and today at the drs office was 56/57 with a BP of 112/66. My PCP didn't seem too concerned by this since it hasn't been prolonged or accompanied by a very low bp. So, instead of ordering a cortisol, etc he said just see the Endocrinologist tomorrow and let her order the tests needed along with the cortisol so she can get a full workup done. He will see me back in 2 months.

My symptoms list I thought maybe had more to do with the adrenal issues than the Lupus but my PCP thought it was a mixture and even some anxiety thrown in there with everything going on. He gave me a script for Remeron to help me sleep. I am a little apprehensive of sleep meds because I have adverse reactions to drugs that are supposed to make me relax(aka benadryl and sudafed make me jittery and anxious.) So my symptoms still are as follows:

-Brain Fog
-Low Grade fever
-Cold sweats
-Joint pain/ache
-Burning pain
-Malar rash
-Loss of Appetite
-Weight loss
-vibration sensations
-diarrhea and Constipation
-Abnormal Periods
-Anxiety(Knots in stomach, butterflies, etc.)
-Slow heart rate

I may have forgotten some ...sorry brain fog!...lol...but that's the gist of it I guess...Just wanting to know anybody's opinion or who can relate....it's been quite a week :/ ....I will post again after my appt tomorrow! Thanks for letting me rant lol