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Thread: Too young to feel like this!!!

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    Exclamation Too young to feel like this!!!

    here i sit a week before i am to turn 23 and i wonder how sick i really am! I have been throwing up for 3 days just cant tell if its the imunosuppressant affects of the drugs and i caught a bug or what it is, I can tell you this I feel like I may be on my way out I have just deteriorated in the last year. well 2 years ago i had a DVT blood clot in my left thigh near my femoral artery. I was treated with 6 months of coumadin i was told after the clot was disolved that i would undergo a full panel of bloodwork. (a 21 yo guy with no insurance and tests that potentially cost thousands!! of course they never got ordered) so here i am a year later june 2011 and i begin seeing sores on my left calf look like mosquito bites but keep growing. Hospital here is worthless let me say!!I feared it was staph they swabbed it for mrsa and bacteria and found none they recomended i change dressing and take tylenol for pain. So a few months passed and the wounds were getting worse!! now i also feel like im getting another DVT in same place as the first one and a huge bruise has formed on the isnside of my leg. I was working through the pain until it all came o a head on christmas day my leg was so swollen and bruised so much pain that my boss sent me home with specific orders to visit her buddy an er doc working that day. I have been out of work since i cant do anything any more

    this time i went to see a doctor at the hospital on Christmas Day who actually gave a hoot Dr MOLLAR you will be missed. Dr. Mollar ordered Pt and some other blood tests as well as an ultrasound they realized that i some clotting isues and reffered me to a hemotologist. in this tim i was not covered by insurance at all so even getting an appointment with a rheumy was nearly impossible. between my first visit with the hemo and the scheduled visit with rheumy months away, i ended up in the hosiptal in Santa Fe because i was bleeding hevily in my stool and urine. Biopsys confirmed i have lupus and its messin with my kidneys!!!!

    At almost 23 somedays i feel like i am dying, others i feel fine, and the next death is a welcome visitor i have been through some trying things man seen more terrible things and survived things others didnt I have been shot and stabbed, through it all crazy car accidents i never thought i might die until this hit. man its one thing after another somedays my joints are so swollen i cant do anything cant play with my daughter cant work i used to be very active ski hike fishing hunting i was an artist it provided secondary income for years now my joints hurt so bad i shake i cant hold a pencil let alone tattoo machine. i feel dumb somedays like i cant spell a word that i know how to. i have recently noticed an occasional stutter that i never had before.

    Im just so messed up i hate it does it get better will i ever be able to work again?? Please Help

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    First let me welcome you to WHL. I am really glad you found us. The food part is that you have been diagnosed. This will allow the doctors to get you on the right meds. Like you 8 understand the no insurance issue. I am going to say something I never thought I would say but that I have ccome to believe on my journey.

    You can't worry about the money. When you feel bad go to the ER of you have to. The first and only thing you need to be concerned about is getting better. I will be getting my Medicare in oct but I have been to the hospital several times over the last few years with no money to pay them. Not one of Jose hospitals or ERs have closed down because I couldn't pay :h

    Try and relax. Stress makes everything really will get better eventually

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

    ~Winston Churchill~

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    hi taf,
    you are not alone with this.

    there is quite a few of us guys on here.
    my problems started at about 14 or 15 i am 50 now.

    please take some time to read a few of the older posts......
    they are our personal experienses with lupus.

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    You most definitely have had a lot going on. Glad you found this support group. We are here for advice or if you just want to rant. Welcome!

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    Hi Tafoya!
    Welcome to WHL. As Mari told you, work with a doc and get onto the right meds for you. For most of us, we find a new normal once we find the right meds.
    My daughter used to date a guy named Chris Tafoya in Texas. I noticed right away that you spell the name the same way.
    I'm glad that you found us, and I hope that we can help you to understand what is going on with you.

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