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Thread: Tired of constant symptom assessment!

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    Default Tired of constant symptom assessment!

    It seems all I do these days is think about how I'm feeling. The first thing I do in the morning is an overall assessment of aches, pains, and unusual feelings, and I'm constantly updating myself throughout the day. I'm hyper-focused on my health, and it's driving me CRAZY! I've often wondered why I feel better during the day, and I think this is why. Once I get to work, I get busy and forget to think about my health. As the day goes on and I get more fatigued, it reminds me, and the obsessing begins again.

    So, my question is this: How do I get to a point where I put my issues on the back burner and live again?

    I'm yet to be diagnosed -- just received my ANA results and my referral to the rheumatologist. When I get a diagnosis and get some help, will I learn to live again without the ongoing, all-consuming assessment????????????

    Uugh! I'm not good at being sick!
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