So I need an opinion on whether I should go to the doctor or ride this out for a few more days:

Two nights ago I went to bed with a sore throat. I get a really dry mouth/throat from Sjogren's so I didn't think too much of it. However, it was worse the next morning, and it has been getting progressively worse since. I also feel more exhausted than usual and I feel "sick". Not lupus sick, more like virus/infection sick. But it's only been a couple of days and usually I would just ride it out for a while.

One reason to would wait is because to see a doc on the weekend means seeing somebody new that doesn't know my history. Doesn't sound like a fun experience to me.

My concern is that I am on Trexall. And I know it's doing it's job because I have a wound from a mole that needed to be removed that just won't heal. So I am wondering if the Trexall has made me more prone to getting a virus/infection and I should go see the doc. I start a new job on Wednesday and I need to be well enough to work by then.

I feel like I am answering my own question here, but what do you think?