So I've had a scratchy/burning/irritated throat that's made it tickle and makes me want to cough for the past 3 days. This morning I woke up(slept a little longer than usual too)with a slight headache and pressure in my face. My daughter has sinusitis she's on Omnicef for currently and so I'm wondering if it might be that. Then again I get these types of symptoms with Lupus before a flare, the potential adrenal insufficiency I have going on and prednisone withdrawals although I shouldn't be having those because i'm on 10mg of it a day at present.

I started MTX what will be 6 weeks ago after my dose tonight. I guess my question is(since I think it's helped the lupus a little recently)how will I be able to tell if it's an infection vs any of the other things I mentioned or when to go to the dr? I only ever get "low grade" fevers. My temp is usually in the 97s so a low grade of 99s is higher for me. I just don't know how to tell the difference from anything anymore since the problems with cortisol,etc. I don't see the Endo till June 6th and the rheumy again till the end of this month.

Also, I know I have to take the MTX because you can't just stop taking meds like that but is it going to make the infection or whatever this is worse having to take it tonight knowing the next few days I will feel bad from it? Or will it mask it all and I won't know anything?? lol....I'm just so confused and don't know what my body is doing anymore. My menstrual cycle stopped last month and I've read it can be from MTX and prednisone changes them...but I'm also on the IUD Mirena birth control which can do that too and I've had that since Jan I said I know nothing about me anymore!! Anyone else feel that way?? I hope you all are well. Take care and God Bless and thanks for letting me vent lol

*hugs* -Lupie LadyBug