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Thread: Do you ever feel normal again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furrydog View Post
    yes you do on medication. I felt so normal that I thought that I was cured, then stopped the medication as i was ''cured''.

    Then I got ill again.

    So the lesson for me was not to stop it because I am feeling better
    As something of a "veteran" of all this autoimmune stuff, you would think that I would be "immune" from deceiving myself into thinking that I'm somehow cured after having more than two or three really good days in a row. If anyone should know better, it should be me. Yet, I still do it sometimes.

    Being a moderator here, I have talked to an awful lot of folks with Lupus over the past few years. I've told many people that there is no cure for Lupus.

    I wish I didn't have to. Maybe someday.
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