ok this is all so confusing to me. I had a positive ana last hear when I was in a bad flare. I was diagnosed with lupus but it was not by a rheumy doctor. I did go to a rhuemy dr he disagreed with the dr that diagnosed me with lupus and the dr that diagnosed me decided that he would treat me for the lupus I was put on plauqlin 200 mg and solu medrol injections once a month. Easier on my diabetes. So I had a ana test last week it came back negative, but was told that it could turn back positive, now the doctor that did the test is a specialist in lupus, that's all he does. so is the fact that I am not in a bad flare the reason for a negative ana. It is all confusing to me.

Does anyone else have this issue. It keeps going from positive to negative. how can that be and why is it that if it goes to negative that some doctors want to say that you don't have lupus but if it changes they say that you do. I hope someone understands what I am saying about this. I am so confused