OK... So here's another weird question from the master of not knowing anything (me)...

I was talking to my gf on the phone one night and after a while, she sorta fell asleep. I used "sorta" here because I don't think she's fully asleep... something like in alpha stage (in between sleep and being fully awake). I know this because once I hung up, she immediately called me back and asked me why I left her alone.

But that's besides the point. When she's half asleep, she moans a lot, like she's in a lot of pain, or like she's being tortured. Sometimes she would cry out (as if in pain) But the next morning when I call her (or she calls me), and I ask her if she was in pain during the night, she said no.

Question: Do lupus patients feel pain when they're asleep? I'm assuming that no painkillers were taken.

Another question: She can't seem to be able to retain her memory of her positive dreams, but retains heavy memory of her negative dreams. Normal?

Another question: Sometimes before she sleep she says her right leg feels numb-ish. Normal?

Maybe it's just me asking stupid questions... Hope you guys can help out! Solesinger and Susie have been great help