If you have read earlier posts from me, you'll know everything that's been happening with my sister. Basically, she found out she had lupus, and had many hospital and emergency room visits. But now she is doing great! She is back to work, and going to start going to college again. But the most unexpected thing happened to me the other day at my doctors appointment.

I went to my doctor about my chest pain, and the doctor assumed it was just stress related, or anxiety related.. until something came up abnormal in my blood test. So they scheduled me with another appointment 4 months(which was just 3 days ago) later, so they could figure out what was going on. So the first thing that my doctor said to me was that he was not happy with my test results from my past blood test. He mentioned stuff about my ANA and other stuff (huge words I can't remember) was extremely elevated, and pointed out that my fingers were discolored.
My doctor also said that 7 years ago when I had Kawasaki Syndrome (an autoimmune disease related to inflammation of my heart vessels that can be treated and go away) he was pretty sure that I was diagnosed with the wrong disease. The main thing that pointed this out to him was that Kawasaki Syndrome is usually only common in infants... not children who are 10 years old... and he thinks it was another sort of autoimmune disease. My doctor told me that what ever the auto immune disease is, my test results show that I still have it in me. So at this point in the appointment, of course I'm starting to get a little nervous, about what he's going to say to me next. Basically, my doctor told me that since it wasn't Kawasaki it has a good chance of being lupus. I have started to get used to dealing with my sisters lupus the past 2 years, but me having lupus all of the sudden? Since my sister got diagnosed, It has never even crossed my mind that I would ever have lupus also. That day, he took more tests to figure out what exactly is going on. So it isn't official that I have particularly lupus. Its either that or some other new autoimmune disease I have never heard about. But I am still sort of shocked at the fact that I may have lupus.

My dad told everyone the news, and I told my mom... and pretty much everyone in my family is really concerned about me. I'm worried also, I'm not sure how or where I would even begin if I got lupus. Dealing with my sisters lupus was extremely difficult, coping with it was hard, and getting used to it for everyone in our family was not easy. I can't imagine making everyone in my family readjust to me having lupus. We just got Kc's under control, I would hate to go to the hospital, and have never liked the emergency room. I'm kind of freaking out right now about everything, mainly because this came up really fast. I'm not sure what to do, or what to tell my friends or family if I do end up having lupus.

But, thankfully.. the doctor has not said anything about me showing lupus. But the previous test results point out that there is some sort of autoimmune disease in me, whether it be lupus or not. I would rather it be nothing at all, but that's not going to happen. I'm really worried and scared about whatís going to happen to me. And I'm sure my parents are also. I haven't mentioned anything to my friends, because I don't want to tell them anything until I know for sure whatís going on.

God, please help me...