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Thread: yet another dr. another postive result.

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    Default yet another dr. another postive result.

    hello everyone,
    I have to start off by saying thank you for the many helpful replies that i am getting. I feel so sad to know how knowledgable some of you really are. I can only imagine that u know so much because of what you have and are going through. I see that some have been batteling pain and dsicomfort for many years. I truley hope that things get brighter for you. I'm also looking for my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which is why i'm blogging and asking so many questions. So here we go again! Today was my dry eye exam and like most of you i tested postive for that. Now i'm putting everything together. the more i think about my symptoms the more i truley believe it is not celiecs. does anyone have celiecs? If so are your symptoms only neurlogical or are they gastro as well. I'm only asking because like i said in the other dr. is testing me for celiecs as well as lupus and trying to make a digonose of what I have. I'm thinking i need some kind of gastro problem and i do not have that at all. Also I wanted to know if anyone has a burning sensation in their back? I cannot seem to get rid of the pain in my back its all over everyday. advil used to help but not any more, and on a more personal level does anyone experince tenderness in their breasts. I know thats personal but i'm just wondering if i'm going through some of the same symptoms.
    Thank you again for all you support and guidance as i try to understand what is going on with me.

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    one of the most common complaints from any auto immune disorder is inflamation.

    any organ or muscle can become inflamed.
    if a muscle is inflamed it increases it size, pushing on adjasent parts of the body.
    this usually results in the type of symptoms you have explained.

    i am currently having a very bad case of irritable bowel syndrome.
    i am inflammed from my mid chest down to my lower torso.
    the discomfort is mild to extreme, and i cannot explain the variations.

    many people overlook inflamation.

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    Hi Lynday,
    Since you have dry eyes and gastro problems, has anyone mentioned Sjogren's Syndrome to you? Check out this site:
    SJS is very common among members here. I have an overlap of Lupus, Sjogren's, RA and Psoriasis.
    SJS causes dry eyes, dry mouth and a lot of symptoms much like it's cousin, Lupus. Luckily, the same meds are used for both.
    Was Restasis suggested for your dry eyes? It's pricey, but it really helps. My ophthalmologist told me to re-use the little vials to make my supply last longer, as long as I keep them clean and cool.
    I hope this helps.

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