Been awhile since I posted here and maybe I should have sooner. But, my computer crashed, got a new one, went on vacation, and that turned into a total nightmare.

I went through hell trying to find a flight home and missed all my flights when I did finally make it back home and also they lost my luggage

Found out that my left side of my body is starting to give out on me. I keep telling people that God has a reason for everything, just sometimes it takes a while to see why he does what he does. I saw a few things over the 30 years since I have knowwn I have Lupus.

I seem to be losing my faith with everything going on right now. Or maybe I am just feeling sorry for myself. But, I just don't feel much either way anymore. Seems the tears some easier then my laughs.

I did get my seeds for my planters started yesterday. That helped me allot. I have a very understanding husband, married me even though he knew I had Lupus. And understands allot. What he does is look up things and learns about it, so he can understand it more.

But, today is not a good day. Hoping someone has been through I what I am going through. I have had faith for years and now I really do not feel that it is there.