So, today will be my 3rd week on Methotrexate...still at 2 pills/week because I've had issues which make it hard to determine if I'm having side effects or not.

I recently got labs back that showed the following:

-A/G Ratio- 2.2 (NORM=1.0-2.1)
-Cortisol-1.9 (NORM A/M= 4.0-22.0) (NORM P/M=3.0-17.0)
-C3- 81 (NORM=90-180)
-C4- 12 (16-47)
-Urine- MACRO
*Color- Dk Yellow
*Clarity- Turbid
*Protein- 2+
*Blood- 2+
*Leukocyte Esterase- 2+
*WBC/HPF- 20-40
*RBC/HPF- 40-60
*Squamous Eithelial/HPF- 10-20
*Bacteria/HPF- Many(>50)
*Mucous Threads/HPF- Moderate
*Creatinine,Urine- 468 (NORM=20--320)

I have had repeat labs since and am waiting for the results. I do not have any symptoms of a UTI but that is what my dr thinks it is. I have also never had Creatinine in my urine before despite having had UTI's in the past. So, I am curious if this might be a combo of infection/kidney inflammation due to lupus? The cortisol level was very low despite being on 7.5mg of Prednisone so my dr bumped it up to 10mg a day until I can see the Endocrinologist in June.

My symptoms lately have been fatigue, no appetite, nausea(mild and only sometimes),weakness, brain fog, dizziness, anxiety, rashes, mood swings,feeling off/"numb" feeling, etc. I believe the anxiety is related to the low cortisol.

Just curious as to what you guys might think on this and if anyone has had these kind of test results, symptoms,etc?

If the MTX doesn't work they want to try Benlysta....

Thanks. -Lupie LadyBug